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Welcome to the official Section 8 league website!


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Hmph... Fenriel was here.

Ping Pong, May 31, 12 6:32 PM.


Wormwood/Beeker, May 3, 12 9:20 AM.
Beer League has Merged and are now members of ______ Nomads (I can't remember the first part)  Anyways, seems promising.  Strong members.

March 25, 2012

Wormwood/Beeker, Mar 26, 12 9:32 AM.

Grim passes Leadership to Airica after Diesel drops League

Diesel & Worm form 'Beer League'

Picking up fallen members of Section 8 Daily


Ping Pong, Dec 19, 11 3:24 PM.


So it's been a long fucking time since this page has actually been updated so here's a brief update.

FoS 1 - got harder but downed
FoS 2 - came out and is probably the most difficult of the 3 t3 raids
FoS 3 - is fucking cake walk.

Aphelion, Grim, Ping Pong, Rathee have gone M.I.A. but Grim and Ping Pong have returned

Blu Phantom a long lost  Section 8 member has made a return just in the nick of time considering the hiatus of Aphelion /cheer

Deja Voo has gone M.I.A. ( i think he died or something, no biggie )

Now most members are working on the x-mas shit as well as the new lightning shit in Central City.

Oh and Section 8 is probably the longest, oldest league that is still running with the same members since the launch of the game back in January.

Top that bitches.

Oh and welcome new members!

Fortress of Solitude... Was supposed to be tough?

Ping Pong, Aug 4, 11 2:36 PM.

After waiting for the download to finish and waiting on people to log in we finally got enough members to tackle this "tough" raid. Heard it was supposed to be difficult but ended up being wicked easy. 0 wipes, couple deaths, loads of dps loot and the timed feat.


Currently we're not recruiting any new members but are taking considerations on exceptional players.
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